Tuesday, April 19, 2011


Yesterday I went to a meditation hour at a local Buddhist center. It was the most pleasant, easiest, fastest hour I've had in ages. Seriously... I was sure not even 20 minutes had passed when the bell rang signaling the end of the 45 minute sit. Cool!

And yet... it makes me wonder what it is about my own house... my own space... that makes sitting and meditating so difficult for me. Maybe it's the clutter... it was so nice to have a space with a pillow on the floor... a statue and a few candles... and not much else. If it's clutter then I'm on my way to meditation at home as we're doing a HUGE spring cleaning... getting rid of stuff... finding a true space for the things we do want to keep.

Anyway, I'm starting to broaden my idea of "ritual" from the obvious magic to daily observations. I'm interested in whether people have daily practices that support their spirituality? Do you? What do you do?

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  1. Hi there! I've been gone way too long....I have a lot of catching up to do. I posted on my blog after being gone for two months. I think I need to find my space again....I've lost it somewhere along the way....