Friday, September 30, 2011

Getting settled...

Whew... I think we're finally settled into school a bit. It's taken quite awhile to work out all the mundane aspects of school... carpools, extra-curricular activities, play time, and down time for mama. Sheesh.

Anyway, in the down time that I've carved out for myself I've managed to drum up more stuff to do! I've worked on figuring out a good season wheel for my area, and I determined which holidays I felt connected with enough to keep up with. I think I actually have a do-able calendar for myself. I won't bore you with the details... but I am feeling good about being able to incorporate my pagan values into a cycle that makes sense for me and my family. That said, my first attempt was at the equinox... and though we made the bread and soup, said the appropriate harvest thanks... the social aspect of the meal was less than ideal. I need to figure out a good social context (even if it's just the immediate family) that fits with the tangible stuff. That shouldn't be hard... it'll just take time to sit down and do it.

I've also been pretty clearly hearing a call to Hecate. I know that she's considered a dark goddess... and there are warnings about not taking her lightly. I guess what I'm feeling a connection with is the earthy and humble part of her. She doesn't seem flashy to me (although I think that people have tried to portray her that way... a bit dark and devilish). She's all about being present as tough times unfold... she's about crossroads, changes in life, big events like birth and death... but she's understood to carry a torch in the darkness... to be wise in the face of the unknown... steady and earthy and present. I like that, although she did persist for some time in the Greek mythology... her roots go waaayyy back... and you can feel that about her. I've read some, but already I'm getting the feeling that it's a relationship we have to build, not one that you can read about and absorb somehow.

I've also been thinking about gods and goddesses and who they are to me. I know that some people have extremely close relationships with deities that almost seem like the god or goddess is another 'person'... some neighbor or teacher. I don't know that I have that. I've not had many dieties that I felt close to... Hestia, and maybe Ogmios, being the only others that I've felt any attraction to. I still don't see them as 'people'... but more as archetypes. An my relationship with them seems to be more with exploring that archetype in my own life. Is that something you can even call a relationship with a deity?

Anyway, with the kids in school I might not have a lot more answers. But I do have more time that I've used to contemplate my questions, and I do think it will get me somewhere eventually.

Thursday, September 1, 2011

New friends...

So, I'm settling in to the idea that my kids go to school. They're insanely happy and doing extremely well. I guess I have to stop wanting them to stay home and keep me company. I gotta find something to do. Well, as it turns out... I'm making good friends with the tarot deck I bought on a whim over the summer. It's the Sun and Moon Tarot by Vanessa Decort.

I think it's just because I LOVE the pictures... so simple and elegant... and definitely modern.

Each of the minor arcana have their own feel... corresponding to their element.

And though they're simple, it feels to me that most of the time I can get to the gist of what the card is about.

I think that maybe when you are starting out with tarot... too much symbolism isn't helpful... it just detracts from the message. I guess what I'm saying is, that I'm a beginner at tarot, and it's possible that these simple pictures speak to me because they're simple too.

Or maybe I'm just a sucker for the color palette... ahhh...

I'm choosing a card each day, and trying to find the vibration of that card in events as I move through my life... trying to get in touch with each card's energy.

I also did a quick online basics course by Joan Bunning that was helpful. I never really understood the Celtic Cross spread before, and now it makes tons more sense and I even like it!

I also bought a book that I'm just starting called Tarot for Your Self by Mary Greer, that I believe is a staple in learning to do tarot work. I like the book because I appreciate the card meanings in the back... as the drawback to the Sun and Moon deck is that it just comes with a little pamphlet of meanings... which I find to be nearly useless. The other drawback to the deck that you may have noticed, is that the pip cards all have words at the top. I suspect that the intention was to help you out with the meaning... but I don't agree with some of them... and that just makes the cards harder to read, rather than easier.

All in all I'm loving the deck... and finding that it is very helpful when I need some insight in order to stop a cycle of behavior. I finally have a connection with a deck that I had so longed for. YAY!