Saturday, July 23, 2011

Organic Art...

So, a few weeks ago my youngest daughter and I were in Palo Alto, CA and found this fantastic piece of art. It was built by Patrick Dougherty and he's done TONS of other cool stuff.

It's an amazing piece of public art, and my youngest and I spent an hour or so running back and forth through this thing... laughing and screaming in surprise... it was wonderful. What a gift... and how cool is this anyway??? I'd die to have one of his sculptures in my back yard!

It's like a big playhouse that adults can play in too... and I'm all for the realization of childhood dreams in adulthood.


  1. Wow those are awesome, that would be cool to have that in your back yard. Thank you for sharing such a wonderful piece of living art. Blessings

  2. How cool is that???!!! I LOVE it!