Friday, January 4, 2013


OK, so here's dipping my feet in the swirling waters of 'emerge'...

I'm working with a really fabulous group of women on a new project.  It came from a discussion I had with one of these collaborators... where we talked about how nice it would be to have a wise woman as a friend... someone who would come over and help us straighten out our lives, be our true selves, and encourage us to simplify.  My friend said, "well, I do have that... in my friends.  I call different friends for different things... but they are wise in their own ways".  Of course!  Yes!... exactly... me too!  And then we thought... what would happen if we pulled these friends together?  Would we have a virtual wise woman in the group?  YES!
So, we decided to call on more and more wise women to join us.  You're not wise, you say?  That's what we all thought too.  Each and every one of us who are collaborating to bring Blue Stocking Salon to life said, "oh, but I'm not wise".  But the truth is... that we all have wise women inside of us.  She is your intuition, your muse, your inner sense of what is right.  Sometimes she just takes a little finding... posing her questions and listening to her answers.

If you feel called to connect to your wise woman... if you would like to learn more about her... please consider joining us.  Our eight week e-course starts on Monday, January 7th.

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