Friday, August 5, 2011

My new creative passion...

So, awhile back I told you that I was trying to find ways for my 7-year-old to pray because she's been asking for some guidance. I thought that besides the kneeling-at-the-edge-of-your-bed kind of prayer I'd find some alternatives.

As I was searching around the internet I found a book on prayer beads. I decided that I'd take beads and the book with us on vacation... and if we needed to do a quiet activity for awhile we could work on prayer beads. I have to say, that with this book the prayer was pretty much in the making of the bead... rather than counting prayers on something like a rosary.

This is the one I made for a friend...
It's a hand-held size... like 10 inches long or so.

And this one was for my 5-year-old... she chose the primary beads she wanted, and I made them for her. She went for a simple look... as fits her personality.

And she requested the pendant be made... just-like-that...

I have started a strand for myself that looks a bit different... more blue and green. I have also started one for my 7-year-old... but we needed to go buy a few bits-and-pieces before we could finish hers up. I'll post pictures as soon as we do.

I've spent so much money on beads (this is a bit of an obsession now... I'd say)... I will have to start giving them as gifts. I'm also looking into making some prayer beads that are more prayer placeholders... like the 108 bead mala prayer sets or catholic rosary beads... rather than just a set of beads that contain a prayer of mine.


  1. These are beautiful....what a great idea! What was the book that you used?

  2. They are beautiful and i love the idea of pagan praying beads. I also think you made beautiful fairy gardens my favourite was the one made your 5 year old. By the way, lately i also have many vivid dreams. Some of them were scary like tsounamis taking down huge buildings, some of them spicy(!) and some of them plain weird! But there was one that during it i kept thinking i should pay attention. Like i was missing something right in front my eyes, something it would be enlightening. I guess i should start meditating again and stop consuming heavy dishes before bed!
    Brightest blessings!

  3. Celia - The book was called A String and a Prayer. It had some good info on stringing the beads, how to do multiple loops at each end, etc. Too bad the pictures were in black-and-white.

    GreekWitch - Thank you for the compliments on the beads and the fairy gardens. I'm pretty proud of both! As for dreams... I know what you mean about the dreams where you know you need to pay attention and you can't. Aren't those strange???