Sunday, December 11, 2011

Solstice ritual

So, I have begun planning my solstice/new moon anger transformation ritual.  I've invited four other people... so it's a small group.

Right now the plan is to make the releasing bundles at my house... then go out to the beach to build a bonfire (which I imagine is going to be really really cold!).  We'll do the ritual, then head back to my house for some tea and a snack before we disperse back to our lives.

The ritual involves acknowledging the pain that initiated the anger.  Little pieces of paper stating the pains are part of the releasing bundles that we'll make before going to the beach for the bonfire.  We will drum to raise the energy to be transformed.  At the peak of the energy we'll throw the releasing bundles into the fire for transformation.  This will be done by acknowledging the unexpected gifts we received from the situation... probably things like "knowing myself more fully", "gaining my strength", "clarity about the relationship", etc.  At the end I want to state the intention for the new space without the anger.  What do I want to nurture in the coming year in myself?  I hope to do each of these steps with people feeling able to just speak out as they are moved... without needing to be overly organized.

I've never created and held any kind of ritual with other people.  I'm a bit nervous about including others, but it seemed so clear I didn't want to do this by myself... like it was anti-climactic or something.  I've reached out, and I was very careful about who I reached out to... so that it was people I felt comfortable with... and people that I knew I could let be co-creative with me.

So, there we are... I've evolved to a place where I'm inviting people into my spirituality and self-growth.  Wow... I feel like I've come a long way... which reminds me of one of my favorite songs if you care to take a listen... Come A Long Way by Michelle Shocked.


  1. I can't believe it. I was planning on doing that same thing. I did it on Samhein too and i felt uplifted and so much more free. It was not so much about transforming but about burning what holds me down, the fear, the anxiety, the pain. THe sensation kept me sane until now. I love how Pagan community in blogland is so connected.

  2. That's funny! I'm glad the ritual did so much for you... I'm hoping it'll take care of some of those ropes that bind me too!
    Another connectedness anecdote... one of the people I invited... she emailed back and said that she'd just been thinking about doing something like this too... and that she was in! So, at least I won't be alone... :)

  3. Hi I have just found you today and find your blog very interesting.I am going to have my own ritual on solstic night to start a new me.I look forward to reading a lot more from you thank you love Jill xx

  4. Welcome Jill... funny, my name is Jill also... don't meet too many Jill's! :) Good luck with your ritual!