Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Today I noticed...

...a spider... building her web between some of my redwood saplings...

I noticed how when her web moved in the breeze, she rode it out.  She has such a delicate, but strong grip... she rode the breeze as if it were nothing.  She continued to work, moving back and forth, building her home.  She didn't stop and grasp her web, hold on for dear life... she simply stayed her course and kept moving forward with her project.  That isn't to say that she ignored the breeze, blocked it out, she really seemed to be riding it... effortlessly.

I obviously can't say that was her experience, but I can say that I had a very strong perception of it.  That her tender connection with her web was something she trusted, found strength in, and could rely on.  She confidently kept building.

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