Monday, January 10, 2011


I found this neat website, Astronomy Picture A Day, that posts a new astronomy picture... well... every day. Here are a couple of those pictures... check out the site for more pictures, and short descriptions of what is happening in the photo.

This is going to be my daily inspiration to learn more about astronomy in the coming year... but be very clear... this is no New Year's Resolution (that would doom this to last all of a day or two)!


  1. great pictures. I like astronomy myself. The other night was beautiful starry night and could see Orions belt. Hugs Sara

  2. Hello lovely lady :)
    On a completely unrelated tangent as I've lost my contacts for my email!

    I've ended up with two copies of Plant Spirit healing by Pam Montgomery due to some postage delays and mix ups. I wondered if you wanted the spare? Give me an email if you do ( elphie[at]vodafoneemail[dot]co[dot]uk )and i'll post it off to you :)