Saturday, January 22, 2011

Bringing it home...

Still feeling the depth of winter, that inward turning that has me working diligently on my family and our health and well-being. Speaking of such, I am about to run outside and play with the kiddos on a warm, sunny, winter day... but I wanted to share this photo...

It's from that astronomy pic a day website I told you about in the last post. This, however, is right up my alley as I'm using some of my winter down-time to plan my spring garden. I won't be doing this, unfortunately, but I think it is inspiring!

This garden is at the Paleaku Peace Gardens Sanctuary in Kona, Hawaii. It's 30 meters wide (90 feet) and is a decently accurate map of our Milky Way Galaxy. The arms of the spiral represent arms of our galaxy. I think it's fabulous!

Now... out to get some sunlight!!!

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