Sunday, January 30, 2011

Ebracing my inner Leo

Thanks everyone. I appreciate the feedback from my last post... I really needed to hear what you guys had to say. I went back to some old friends who taught me positive discipline... to get some ideas to help this teacher... I'm going to make an appointment for next week. I know that there's a very slim chance that this will produce any change this year, but I'm standing up and showing my daughter that when you're treated badly you need to voice your feelings. And then, if your needs are not met, you need to do something about it.

The friend I went to see was so inspiring, that she has me thinking that I might do some more long term work to get positive parenting classes included in continuing ed for teachers and to bring it right to them. I may also appeal to the PTA (parent-teacher association) to bring positive discipline speakers into our community for parents and teachers alike. I'm inspired to make change... to be part of a positive movement of respectful parenting.

I guess I'm trying to embrace my Leo! I fall on the cusp between Cancer and Leo, although I'm almost always categorized as a Leo in horoscopes. I don't perceive myself to be a leader... I'm not such a do-er. But here, I'm passionate, about being positive and making good changes. I think that conflict resolution is going to be the future of the successful teachers' repertoire anyway... as bullying becomes more and more prevalent in our schools. I'll hopefully be able to give these teachers a chance to take the lead! YAY!

Oh boy... I hope I can keep up this enthusiasm!

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  1. wow. this is great!! Sounds like you've not only kindled the flame, but you've got a huge, roaring bonfire going! Take care and best of luck enacting your plans!!!

    - Amanda