Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Back to the point...

Ahhh.... spiritual path... right. That's why I started this blog. Mmmhmm. Well, let's get back to that, shall we? (Although I will update you on the school stuff... at some point when I have real news).

(My four-year-old wrote this: "I love all fairies")

I've always believed in fairies in some removed sort of way. I guess, it's that I've always WANTED to believe in fairies. As a kid, often, these "fantasies" get turned off. Peers, and sometimes parents, don't want to hear about it... they want to live in "reality" and want you there with them... and it just feels safer not to acknowledge that desire and ability to see things that are not easily seen. After all, we depend on these people to fill all kinds of needs, and if they say that fairies don't exist, then we need to go along with it, right?

But, lately... I've read a few really inspiring blogs... encouraged my children to believe, and looked into gardening with the nature spirits... and I just really DO think they're out there. I haven't seen one yet, but I've seen lots of evidence that they are in my yard and my house... interacting with me even. Just today, I was looking for something... went round and round the house opening closets and cupboards... sure it was there SOMEWHERE. I stopped, thinking, and looked down, and there on the floor were two shiny stars. I was sure they had not been there when I came by looking earlier... so I opened the closet they lay right next to, and.... holy smokes... THERE IT WAS! I know it was a sign...

So, in honor of our new interactive relationship... knowing that we're possibly getting the first snow in 35 years this weekend, I thought I'd set up a little refuge for the fairies. It's not much right now, but a work in progress.

Do you know the fairies at your house?


  1. love your story about the stars... sounds so like them.... your little houses are cute. I was out in one of my gardens just this afternoon cleaning up some of the winter debris... the oregano is starting to come up and the daffodils peeking out... I am also in the works of making some "housing" for my friends... And good friends they can be... blessings to you for passing on the belief with your children.

  2. I love the houses. The story with the stars that is definitely them letting you know they are there. Hugs Sara