Saturday, February 5, 2011

Happy Imbolc season

I missed it... I just did. There's a lot going on, and I don't feel particularly strongly about Imbolc. I have been thinking more about Hestia lately, though, so maybe I'm with the season anyway. We've also had unseasonably warm weather here so the signs of Spring are out there. The rains we had a few weeks ago ended with this... and it's been beautiful weather ever since...

And the trees have taken this to heart. Our acacia is blooming prolifically (as it always does when we have a wet early winter and then the sun comes out)...

One of my pluot trees has also decided that it's spring. This is unfortunate, as this tree is scheduled to be moved on Monday because we're doing some work on our house and I don't trust the construction guys to value my trees the way I do.

So, there we are... the garden is awakening. I feel like I missed winter all together... in fact, my season table suggests that's true... as it's still decorated for autumn. Guess I best get a move on...


  1. Springs seems like a lifetime away in my neck of the woods. Imbolc is usually about ice and snow. That's ok with me though.

    Beautiful photographs, especially the acacia.

  2. Beautiful photos. I missed it too. I wasnt very well. I love the rainbow photo. Hugs Sara