Monday, February 28, 2011


So, remember way back when I came up with that word for the year???? LOL! Yeah... I hardly remember either. Anyway, my word was PROPORTION... intended much in the way that you would mean "balance". I have been trying to find an outlet for my creative side... and I'm struggling. See, I was trained as a biologist, and I have a knack for using my BRAIN, but not really just going with the creative flow. When I thought about art I almost ran out to buy a book on how to draw/paint/whatever. But that's not really what I'm after here...

I bought some little tiny canvases to try out painting... but I have a feeling that I'm more of a multimedia artist. I've been checking out blogland for some ideas... and here is my favorite so far...

Nichola at Pixie Hill is starting something called "Make A Mess Monday"... and I'm in! Today she's talking about the power of words (right up my alley sister!)... and as I was cleaning this weekend I ran across a really ratty copy of a magazine from 1920 that a friend had given me years ago... and it had some perfect stuff in it... let me show you!!! (Oh... and I really have no idea where all of this is going... I don't know what the project is, but I can tell you that I just know it's gonna be fun!!!).

There were entire poems that I cut out... not knowing if I'd want to use the whole thing or just part of one... (this looks like a poetry contest... they all have the same title... and they're by children!).
And it wasn't just words... the PICTURES!

Oh... now if I only had ANY idea of what to do with them!!!


  1. wonderful! "Make A Mess Monday" sounds great!!

    I am participating in 52 weeks of Pagan Art Journaling. It is really fun -- have a look... (she has a tab for 52 Weeks Link Up for participants) and if you click her "52 weeks of pagan art journaling project" link on the sidebar - you'll see all the weeks' prompts. It is a real fun project, whether you do it for yourself or if you share it with Blogland. The freedom of Art journaling is it can be word-heavy or art-heavy in both extremes or nicely balanced :-)

    Sorry you'll have to copy/paste the url -- I don't feel like looking up the html code for a link with opening in a new window - lazy - I really should memorize the simple stuff or put it on a sticky note... mmmm lazybones strikes again :-D

  2. they remind me of the illustrations in a copy of the water babies that I had as a child...
    if you're looking for inspiration on how to get arty in less conventional ways try checking our Jan Beany - she made some gorgeous textile pieces that beg for interaction. I also love Sarah Youngs illustrations in the book 'Goddesses' by Sue Jennings - it's a combination of (I think) oil paints and collage that works beautifully; the way she uses her media is so clever. Georgia O'Keeffe has done some utterly breathtaking pieces in my opinion, of flower close-ups in water colour.

    Thanks so much for the ideas for the Peter Pan topic! They were great - the various flying creations experiment is inspired and I shall definitely be using it!

    ... did your book arrive yet? What do you think of it? I er... still haven't got around to reading my copy yet!!!