Sunday, January 1, 2012

Happy New Year!

Well, here we are... the much anticipated 2012...

Last year I chose a word to represent what I wanted to invite into my life in 2011.  I chose "proportion". I'd say, as I look back, that I did work toward that over the year... and that I had some moderate success (read: success and failure in proportion!  LOL!).  No... really... it was a year of personal growth and looking to my wholeness and the proportions of energy within.  For instance, I believe I have a better balance of masculine and feminine... that I've more fully integrated my spiritual and "mundane" lives... so... in 2011 many things did come into proportion for me.

This year... in 2012... I'd like to bring more JOY into this balance.

JOY (per Merriam Webster, I only used the noun definitions, not the verb) is:

1: the emotion evoked by well-being, success, or good fortune 

2: a state of happiness or felicity : bliss
3: a source or cause of delight

I've realized through the ritual that I did recently, that so little of my life has been lived from a place of joy.  My parents didn't have any, and didn't know how to teach me how to live my life that way... so it's up to me to call it in.  This year, I intend to do just that.

In some ways... bringing in joy will be much more powerful and all-encompassing of my life than trying to transform or release the anger and sadness.  I feel I need to put my attention on what I do want... rather than what I don't.  Which isn't to say that I'm going to ignore the times I'm angry... I'm not.  I fully believe that anger is useful... it tells you when someone crosses your boundaries.  But, I intend to live my life from the platform of joy... of the celebration of what is great about my life... rather than what I don't want, am missing, or otherwise lack.
May your troubles be less,
And your blessing be more.
And nothing but happiness,
Come through your door.
Happy New Year to all!

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  1. Fantastic! My words...yep I couldn't decide so I "let go" of the need to choose ONE and decided to have TWO....are Release and Truth....directly coming from my work with SouLodge through the Autumn Session.