Monday, January 23, 2012

Playing the Fool

Ahhh... 'tis winter my friends... when the holidays are over and the true long nights are not filled with activity in preparation... but darkness and being.  For me, it's a time of going inside, of self-care, self-assessment, and really spending some time feeling the solidity of who I am.  When I remember to trust myself, trust what I know and who I am... then things come easier.  When I argue with it or think I should be different... that's when the trouble always starts.

So perfect, then, that the Fool keeps showing up in my life.  This particular tarot card has made itself known to me a few times lately... and today it seemed to fit perfectly.  Heading off in who knows what direction... the Fool is on his way and trusting that all will work itself out fine... even though the supplies he carries are few.  Just a few tools... what could be in his knapsack?  In mine would be trust in myself and the path I walk, love to sustain me, a sense of excitement to keep me moving forward, a sense of solidity in my soul that is mirrored in the physical by my bones, and joy in being wherever I am on the journey.

It's a good mental exercise... to really pare things down to the nitty gritty... what are the real essentials, and what can you provide for yourself along the way?  What do I need to carry in that knapsack?  The more you carry the harder the journey... and certainly if you're carrying burdens for others... the journey gets tiring really quickly.  If you FORGET that you're carrying things that don't belong to you then it starts to feel helpless... it's difficult going... AND you don't realize you can make it any better.

This is a season for me of really paring things down to what I need... and I mean... what I really NEED.  And it seems that some sort of cosmic force is really throwing things at me to make sure I know what goes in the knapsack, and what's not all that important.  We're going through a restructuring... one that doesn't bring up fear of survival... but definitely a reordering of priorities... deciding what's a must and what can be shed.  One that seeps into every part of my life... even makes me look back on my childhood and forces me to confront some of the issues I still hold... and it turns out that mostly, they're not even mine to carry.

I play the Fool in the best possible way... trusting my path, my self, and my knowing... all on the joyous way to my highest good!

Party on!

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