Tuesday, June 22, 2010

My kitchen altar

So, I thought I'd introduce myself a bit by way of posting about some of my altars. I'll start with the kitchen...

My kitchen altar is dedicated to Hestia, and thus has a red "cauldron" with a black grounding stone underneath. I have an iron toy grinder, representing ye olde kitchen "gadgetry". I made the clay cauldron and Goddess a long time ago especially for this altar. Hestia doesn't have many representations, other than fire, as she was a hearth goddess, whose worship appears to have been so ingrained in everyday life that little was left to tell her story. In this sense, I really like having Hestia as a Goddess in my house... she is what she is to me... and in some ways that's easier when I don't feel like I'm going "against" others' perceptions.

I have the tiny flowers in the vase, usually daisies. The cauldron is full of dried rose petals symbolizing love coming from my hearth. The fairy card is just there because I like it ;)

The following is a picture of my season table all set up for Spring. I like to make felted dolls of wire and wool, and my season "fairies" are my favorite of all. They're the only ones I don't let the kids play with. Some of the props such as the amethyst and larger branches are consistent from season to season, but others change. The doll in this picture is a maiden in spring... and she's pouring meadow flowers from her cornucopia. The strawberry children are present, representing the early fruits and other crops.

I love keeping up with my season table... although speaking of it, I should go change it to summer! I'll post pictures again when it's made the metamorphosis!


  1. I love the geode in the back that is used as the wee ons' home. I wish I new how to felt. I would love to add more art to our table.

  2. Felting is really easy... you could pick it up in no time. Maybe I'll do a tutorial when I get a chance! :) Thanks for the kind words in your other comment!