Tuesday, August 17, 2010

National Women's Self-Appreciation Day

OK, it's not really a recognized holiday... but I found a woman's blog who posted that she thought it would be a fantastic holiday... and I agree. I think a lot of people (not just women) spend a lot of time working for others, doing for others, and thinking about others, and maybe it would be good if we all spent a little more time patting ourselves on the back for the good things that we are and do.

So, here's three things I like about myself...

1) I like that I work very hard to be a good parent

2) I like that I have learned how to cook on my own... I wasn't taught as a child... and I'm pretty good at it!

3) I like that I LOVE to read... it's enriched my life tremendously... and it turned into really liking to tell the kids stories and make them up as I go!

Can I do another? I really like that I plant a garden every year.

What do you like about yourself? Please do tell me!


  1. Great idea... a self appreciation day... What I like best about myself is that I have learned to relax and enjoy.... it takes care of so many things....

  2. I like that I am tolerant of people and overall accepting of different religions, sexual orientations, overall way of life.

    I love that my body was strong and capable to bear children.

    I love my hair.