Saturday, November 20, 2010

Witch's night...

Oh... the beautiful evening... I am feeling much gratitude for Mother Earth tonight... as we enjoy the fire in the fireplace while the rain comes down outside, the lightning and thunder go on, and the sweet smells of wet earth waft in the door when we open it to listen to the rain. It is fire, air, water and earth... all at their very best! Thank you for the experience!


  1. After i wrote my post about how grateful i was for my life and witchcraft i begun reading other people's post and i realised that we had a very similar experience and feelings. This felt so amazing! I work alone except a few things i do with my mom so i do not get to feel that a lot. This is the reason i love blogland. I get to "meet" people that we have those things in common.
    Have a blessed Esbat!

  2. What a great blog. I am now a follower and I am so glad you are going to participate in my tea swap. Sign ups are until the end of today so yes you are able to play along. Hugs Sara

  3. Oh how I miss having a real fireplace! One day we shall have an old house with a big stone fireplace!