Monday, November 15, 2010

Yowie Kazowie!

It worked! So, a few days ago I had that talk with my fruit trees and their nature spirits about going dormant soon... and LOOK!!!!

This is the COOLEST thing! I wish I had taken pictures the day I talked to them... to show you how many green leaves they had... how many little blossoms indicating that they thought it might be spring.

Now, any nay-sayers might suggest that the cool weather finally hit and that's what made them change... but NO! Today was 81, and the whole weekend was like that! Truly, it couldn't have even been in the 50's last night... it was so warm... we stood outside and marveled at the stars and warm weather! It's been CRAZY!

Since I didn't take pictures the day that I talked to them, I can't show you the difference, but I can show you the tree I missed talking to that day... this is the same kind of tree as the second picture above... both pears.

Seriously, these trees are about 10 feet apart in the same area of my yard. No joke!

So, my next conversation was with this tree:

The bugs have been getting to it... not sure what kind of bug... I'm guessing some sort of leaf-sucking insect... mites? Anyway, we didn't spray it this year... usually we use some sort of soapy organic spray twice a year so that the tree can grow its leaves. This year we were just too busy. I went and asked the tree spirit and insect spirit if we could do something. We did... so I took the 'before' shot... and we'll give it awhile to see if it can sprout some healthy leaves. It said it could... so I'm going to give it a few weeks, as it's an evergreen. It should happen sooner than spring.

I can hardly believe it! :)

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  1. honestly WOW!
    I'm so excited about this! Fantastic results - what method did you use? (muscle testing?) Can you sense any differences between the tree spirits and the insect spirit? Were you talking to the actual individual trees or the over spirit? As you already know i'm super interested in what you're doing here! But i'm still procrastinating with trying it out :( I don't know why..?!
    How is the Bruhner book by the way? I'd be interested to know what you think of it because it was on my 'maybe' list of books to read, just couldn't decide!
    Nellie x