Monday, September 13, 2010


I was lucky to be part of a circle yesterday afternoon, of women who are on a similar path. We found ourselves, six of us in all, with time and place and opportunity to form a healing group. So we did. We sat around a table of candles, and for about 20 minutes we poured out all of the things that we want to let go of. Self-deprecation, anger, fear, fat, low self-esteem, sadness, feelings of lack, emptiness... and on and on... we had quite a list. Together we sent this ball of what we wanted to release into the candles for transformation.

Then for the next 20 minutes, we sat together, verbalizing all of the things we do want in our lives. We made a big orb of bright light full of these things... love, acceptance, peace, abundance, self-respect, gratitude, laughter, ability to go with the flow... and once the energy was complete, we each connected to that source of positive energy and drew from it what we needed. We allowed the rest to float into the world, to provide those energies for others that find themselves asking for such a thing.

It was an amazing feeling of community that I am so very grateful for. I often feel lonely in my practice, and although none of us said a single word about spirituality when we were working out how this ritual was going to go... we all came from a place of openness and likeness and it was a very moving experience.


  1. Beautiful post..and yes such a powerful inspiring experience to share with others, wonderful and magical!

  2. Easy 1...2...3. Read and write your own article. A new collabrative dimension -

  3. And isn't it surprising how much energy is left if we share what we have and take back what we need?

  4. That sounds beautiful, i'm happy for you that you've found this little bit of shelter to connect.