Thursday, September 30, 2010

Feeling out of sorts...

Something is strange... and I'm not the only one feeling it. Something is off... not balanced... not quite "right". Do you feel it?

Nellie at A Bit of Gardening Spirit feels it...

Geez... even my apple tree feels it...

(Note: I'm in the northern hemisphere... the leaves on the tree are turning, and yet it's flowering... ???)

Is it because the moon and sun are joining forces during parts of the day? Leaving us with a time where neither is with us at night? Are the extremes with us right now... sometimes both luminaries work on us simultaneously, with their different energies... creating conflict? Or just disorientation? And sometimes we are left without their influence overhead at all?

Is this where my strange dreams are coming from? I know I'm not alone in the strange dreams of late, either.

Life has also been challenging lately... we've spent hours in our house lately trying to figure out how to get everyone's needs met. It's hard... identifying those needs and managing how to make sure everyone is supported, loved, nurtured, independent, and content.



  1. glad to hear it from others although I wish that I knew more what it was... I myself have had the same feeling yet thought that it was just me....

  2. Oh yes I saw that moon yesterday while I was walking in my garden around lunchtime....stopped me in my tracks! ....explained alot!!