Thursday, September 9, 2010

September new moon

On the September new moon I found myself with a day at home with both kids in school, and for a short time I felt like I wasn't sure what to do. Then, I decided it was a perfect time to do my new moon ritual that started with Meet Us At The Water through the Divining Women blog.

With leisure on my mind (after all, this was my first day in eons with no children following me around), I decided that this new moon ritual deserved a tub full of hot water!

I found a blue candle (representing the waters of the earth) and I anointed it with rosemary oil. I had also recently purchased some empty tea bags from the craft store, with no particular project in mind... but instantly I felt an idea brewing (tee hee)!

I looked up water herbs, and found a few that fit my purpose. I ended up using chamomile for mediation and calm, orris for protection and divination qualities, and yarrow for courage and removing evil and negativity. I wrapped these three herbs up in two teabags, and tied them closed with a blue string.

I ran a hot bath and put the herb packets in. I said a prayer before getting in the tub, about healing and returning to the nature of one's true self. I consciously said it in such a way that included both me and the earth's waters. I soaked for awhile, meditating on my own healing and alignment. As I let the water go down the drain I imagined those same vibrations flowing out into the world... into the oceans.

It was a wonderful ritual, and very calming. It might actually become a go-to new moon ritual for me, as it fed me in subtle ways, felt deliciously indulgent, and served a practical purpose all at once!


  1. What a great way to celebrate a New Moon and appreciate Water at the same time!

  2. I love it.. I agree with Rue a wonderful way to celebrate the new moon and one I think I may borrow when the new moon comes next month

  3. Wow, this is GORGEOUS! I'm bookmarking this one, as I'm "collecting" rituals for future use. Thank you for sharing, lady!

  4. So simple. What a peaceful ritual to heal both yourself and the waters.

  5. hi there.

    such peace and love in that. wonderful.