Thursday, September 16, 2010

What I did with some of the lavender...

So, I told you about all that lavender I got... and how long it took to deal with all of it! I did keep some of the stalks for burning as incense. I'm not sure that's my favorite smell... honestly it just smells like burning stick. Plus, I had a hard time keeping mine lit.

Most of my lavender is sitting in a big jar right now waiting for its final destination as a sachet or other version of a gift for someone. But, I think my favorite idea was one I thought up on my own (although I don't for a second suggest that someone didn't think of it before me). I mixed some lavender with baking soda (not sure how I picked up the baking POWDER for the pic... duh) to create my own vacuum room freshener! I hate those super perfume heavy ones you buy at the store... besides, most fragrances are toxic, but I'll save that soapbox...

Anyway, it inspired me to make other fragrances or mixtures... I think I'll be drying some orange peel and mixing with clove and baking soda for Yule! I've got other ideas too... oh so fun!

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