Thursday, March 17, 2011

Full moon

So, the full moon is nearly upon us... and I'm feeling it. Things are coming to fruition... and it's a bit frightening. Things I've wanted are happening... people I've really liked are becoming really good friends, I'm getting opportunities that I asked for, and... over all... things are going pretty smoothly. I'm busy, and tired, but still all is generally well.

It's new space for me to welcome success... my dad used to laughingly say that I never took the easy road. There's some truth to that. But not anymore... things are changing in my world... I am changing. A few months ago I felt a little bit like I couldn't find my reference points. Even those are back now... different... and somewhat new... but most definitely present. I have a new confidence in my own belief system... in my own abilities... and in myself.

I'm really OK... really coming into my own... in all of my 'mosiac-ness'... because I am so many things... improbably put together in the same being... so many potential interests, strengths, and perspectives.

Note: The picture is from the Astronomy Picture of the Day website I mentioned awhile back. It's a composite picture taken by Jean Paul Roux at the Blue Moon Eclipse a little over a year ago. You can find a short explanation here.


  1. This Full Moon is making me feel like I want to crawl out of my skin. Virgo Moons do that to me.

  2. Maybe that's what's going on with me... this full moon has an irritation to it... doesn't it!?!