Monday, March 28, 2011


As much as I've been complaining about this weather...

This last storm ended up being my wildly lucky day! I've been hoping for years to come across some nice tree rounds for seating and such things. This crazy weather we've had caused many trees to fall around here... blocking roads and creating havoc... but... it also meant that my wishes were answered!

Yup... tree rounds. A tree fell down the street from us... and the guy whose tree it was said we could have the rounds! YAY! For FREE! I love it when there's something I want so much... and if I'm patient it comes to me as something someone else is trying to give away!!!

I have plans for these beauties... the big one in the above picture is about 2 feet tall and about that in diameter. It took two of us to load it in the back of our van. It's beyond awesome! Anyway, four of them will live at the "directions" of my witch's garden (otherwise known as my circle garden), four will likely find places as seats, and the others are undetermined.

The day we picked up the wood seemed to be the first day of spring... it was cold and POURING rain all morning... then at noon the clouds parted and out came the sun! It's been nice since... and the weather report suggests that it'll be in the high 70's by Thursday. Bring it on, I say!!!


  1. I've always wanted to put tree rounds in a circle with an altar in the center. Lucky duck you!

  2. Kewl. I'd give them a quick "thank you, blessings, you'll be used for blahblahblah" thingamabob, kwim? What a wonderful gift for you to receive!