Sunday, March 20, 2011

Leprechaun hijinks

The kids had great fun making stuff for the leprechauns... they built a pool so that the leprechauns could take a swim... because we all know that leprechauns love swimming???

And lucky for us... the leprechauns came by, leaving glitter, clover leaves, and bits of gold and crystals in return...

And indoors they left the leprechauns a bath station... because we take baths after swimming? I don't get the logic... but this stuff kept them occupied for quite awhile.

Apparently the girls forgot to leave the leprechauns something to dry off with... so they used the roll of toilet paper from across the room!

It was fun... and I realized how important it was to my kids that we acknowledge the leprechauns... because we almost didn't... and they were almost very disappointed.

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  1. Adorable : ) One year we set up a Leprachan pot with some gold candy. My husband built it with Littleman. They cut a hole in the bottom. I didn't know and thought it would be funny to pour green colored water in and tell Littleman the Leprachan peed in it......Um yeah, green water on a cream rug.... Oy.