Monday, October 4, 2010

Drawing parallels

I've read a couple of blogs lately where people were seeing commonalities between deities, finding themes in the energies that are choosing to work with them (because, after all, aren't we all chosen by our deities and not the other way around?). I've just realized that something like that is happening to me.

About a year ago: I was well into researching Goddesses, and Hestia found me, although our relationship is somewhat low key. We don't interact a lot, but I've definitely worked hard at making my hearth and home what I wanted it to be. I have an altar in my kitchen to Hestia, and I love her deeply, but I started researching other Goddesses to see if any would resonate. None did.

Maybe six months ago: I started researching Gods, because balance is good, and I wondered what the Gods might be like. Nothing that I read really called to me, until I had a visit from Ogmios. Who? That's what I said. Briefly, Ogmios is a Gallic deity that is often compared to Hercules and Heracles and maybe even The Dagda. He isn't referred to often in texts, and to the best of my knowledge there are no known images of him. The few references there are to him are on a couple of curse tablets and a confusing account by a 2nd century writer. A description of an image this author saw of Ogmios was of an old, short, man with a bow and a club, attached by a chain from his tongue to the ears of each man in a group of happy looking fellows (possibly a metaphor for eloquence on Ogmios' part). The few things that are guessed about Ogmios is that he's eloquent, wise, possibly a son of Brigit, possibly a teacher and guide, and according to Nostradamus Ogmios is the one who will lead the fight against the anti-Christ. Since I don't believe in the anti-Christ, I'll take that as some kind of metaphor... but I'm not sure I've ironed that out yet.

Fast forward: A few weeks ago I started receiving the Munay-Ki rites. This is a shamanic ritual consisting of nine rites that comes from medicine men and women from the Andes, and are derived from Inca traditions. These rites are thought to awaken the recipient to new levels of wisdom and self-knowledge.

A week ago: I had a dream that is very difficult to explain, because it was all about feeling and knowing, and very little about doing and seeing. Basically, I was sitting on the edge of All-That-Is with the Archangel Michael, and I think we were just shooting the breeze. Funny, because I sure don't know much about Archangels, but I'm certain that's who I was with. Unfortunately, I don't remember anything that was said in the dream.

A few nights ago: I saw Ogmios again... sort of in a half-dream state. I think he was in my room. I also think he has a shy streak... because he disappeared quickly when he realized that I saw him. He was old and stocky, and I didn't REALLY see him, I just knew he was there. And then I knew he was gone.

So, I started looking up stuff on the two of them. I knew a little about Ogmios, but nothing about Michael. It turns out that they're both reputed to be the one that leads the fight against the anti-Christ, they both serve as a psychopomp (shuttling the newly dead to the afterlife), both are known for wisdom and settling problems with words rather than the sword (ironic then, that they're also patrons of warriors), they both have 'sun things' going on around their heads (Ogmios has a 'sun-like countenance', whatever that means, and well, just look at the picture of Michael), and both seem to have something to do with me. Hmmm...

So, I'm just thinkin' out loud here... not really knowing where this is going... and not at all sure what to make of it. And wow, it turned into a REALLY long post! So thanks for hangin' in there!

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