Friday, October 29, 2010

Addressing exhaustion...

Hello, my dear body. I feel that you are tired. I'm hearing from others that exhaustion is taking its toll. I feel the quiet in the earth as she starts to settle in after the harvest.

Know that even in the fatigue, you are physically strong. See your wholeness, your completeness, the totality of you. See that your body contains bone... which holds you up and supports you with no extra effort needed. Acknowledge the work that your bones do each and every day... without thought. Half of the support structure lies in the bones. But also know that half of your strength lies in the fluids in your body. Water is not compressible, it provides the sole support for many plants (known as turgor pressure, if I my memory of college botany serves). The strength of fluid lies not only in its resistance to being compressed, but also in its ability to flow. That ability to be strong AND flexible inherently lies in our bodies.

Our energetic strength lies in presence... in grounding. Bring an awareness to the fact that your body comes from the earth. The body is made of minerals and elements that are present in the Earth... and thus, your physical presence is very much connected to the Mother. You can draw on her strength any time you need it. Her energy brings you back to your body, which, at some level inherently resonates with her. Your presence, current in the here and now, in this moment, with focus and intent, energetically magnifies the strength of the physical body, and the physical strength reinforces the energetic.

In appreciation for the strength that my body has, and in gratitude for the awareness of my energetic strength, I find peace with many of the stresses in my life. Not all, of course, but now I can see the difference between the things that matter and the things that don't deserve the attention I'm giving them with my worry and anxiety. Blessings to the Mother and the Father, blessings to all.

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