Friday, October 8, 2010

New moon... a day late

Well, I never ended up figuring out what to do with the kids for the new moon. I'm tired... and it's showing. Anyway, today we went to the beach, and for a few minutes I felt the new moon. The ocean, she reached out for me... she showed me much of her beauty, gave me some treasures, and reminded me that it's all going to be OK.

I found several clam shells that were still hooked together. When I find these I always think of balance... and they're rare... so I tend to get excited about it. Today I found four! As I picked up shells the ocean lapped at my feet, and I felt her saying "it's ok, come with me, I'll show you". So I did. I stood there with my shells in hand, and understood that healing comes from seeing the beauty that is around us... and certainly I only had to look in my hands to see the beauty of the day, or close my eyes and listen to the beautiful sounds of the ocean, or feel my feet being cleansed by the cool water. I felt the ocean letting me know that she was willing to take the things that ailed me, to tumble them and shift them and return them as polished gifts. And isn't that part of what the new moon is about? Digging deep for those things that feel like burdens... to turn that into something new... something better... something good? Isn't that healing? So I guess it turned out alright after all...

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  1. yes... i think that's exactly it... and those simpler, spontaneous moments of connection are as important as any full blown meditation or ritual, i think.