Saturday, October 23, 2010

Garden spirits

I've been doing a lot of reading lately, mostly about working with nature spirits. I read Behaving as if the God in All Life Mattered, which is an amazing book about a woman named Machaelle Small Wright, who transformed both her garden and her relationships with nature and herself through communication with the devas of her land. I love that she emphasizes that this energy and information is available to anyone who wants it... and that she was a student, learning from nature how they could work together to grow a spectacular garden (and so much more!). This book is probably almost 30 years old... but when I wanted to read about the Perelandra Garden I decided to start at the beginning. I also have her book, Co-Creative Science: A revolution in science providing real solutions for today's health and environment.

It's got me thinking that I might try an experiment this year... and follow in her footsteps. I think I'm going to turn my garden boxes over to the devas... let them guide me through the next gardening season. I don't really care what the outcome is, as much as I really want to develop better relationships with the energies that are present on my property.

My introduction to Perelandra was through a friend who loaned me her Perelandra Garden Workbook II, which had some energy balancing and stabilizing directions in it... very much like spellcasting! Anyway, my older daughter needed some support at school, and I had done everything I could think of for her personally. My friend suggested clearing the energies at the school. My 6-year-old and I sat down and went through the processes... balancing with vitamins (offering them to the devas of the space to distribute them through the space where needed - energetically, of course) and stabilizing with flower essences (I used the ones I made myself... not from Perelandra). Things shifted for the class... the next time I worked in the classroom I noticed a difference in the teacher... she even gave me a hug when I left! Before that she had seemed really stressed. My daughter also reported things being easier at school... and so I considered it a success.

I also went through the energy clearing process for my house, and despite much work I had done in the last four years to clear and clean our house of unwanted energy... this was the thing that made the house seem quieter. I had long suspected that energies were living here that did not belong, but could not get them out until finding Perelandra.

Disclaimer: I'm not saying this would work for everyone... or even suggesting that you should try it. If it's going to appeal to you you'll know... and you'll follow the links on your own. This was just the thing that worked for me... and I'm sharing that with you.

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