Friday, October 15, 2010


So, here we are in October... I'm reeling from that realization a bit... I mean, I feel like school just started, and it's felt more like summer around here than it felt all summer... so I still have a wee bit of disorientation going on.

However, I did change over my season table at the equinox... (this isn't the best picture, sorry, it turns out the "table" is in a corner cabinet in our dining room, and it's not the brightest room in the house... so the pics of it are always terrible... and I didn't notice that her hand is starting to unravel until I looked at the picture... funny how sometimes we don't REALLY look at things... isn't it?)...

We're also harvesting the bounty from the yard... so in some ways I'm coming in line with the season a little better. These are some of our tomatoes... which are FINALLY ripening after the long cool summer...

Oh... and look at these little beauties... looks to me like fairies have been cavorting in my garden!

I hope things slow down enough that I'll be able to start showing you all the stuff I've been working on lately! I've been making toys, gifts, and generally working on the house... so Hestia has had me busy! :)

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  1. Love the seasonal table. I am determined that I will one day make a wet felted doll for my table too.