Friday, July 2, 2010


One of the things I decided when I was thinking about my hearthcraft this last week, was that I really want a nice broom that bridges the gap between functional and spiritual. I find that the more often I can remind myself that the mundane is actually part of my craft, the easier it is to perform tasks I don't love (like dishes, or sweeping).

Anyway, I found these at Broom Magic! It's TOTALLY on my wish list!

The tree spirit carving is amazing!

...and I'd also like a dustpan to go with it...

Although, I'd really like one of these... I can't really afford it right now...

And as long as we're dreaming here... they make some fantastic walking sticks too...

If you're needing a ceremonial broom or are doing a handfasting anytime soon, they also make besoms!

I suspect BroomChick on Etsy is the same broom maker as And, just as a disclaimer... I don't actually know these people, and I haven't talked to them about their products, and they didn't ask me to write about them... I just think they're VERY cool!


  1. ohhhhh (drool) Nice brooms! Yeah, I too need to remind myself that everything mundane is also connected to the spiritual. I think this link was easier to remember before the Industrial Revolution and the ripples that have been cast out since then. Yet we all try to muddle through it ;-)

  2. Merry Meet and thanks for finding my blog :) I am going to have to buy a few of these!! As you can probably tell from my blog I am a shopaholic. Brightest Blessings