Thursday, July 1, 2010

So sorry about leaving without saying good-bye...

...but parting is such sweet sorrow... and I just couldn't bring myself to do it. Now I am back... from my sweet little vacation by the lake... and I'll share with you my lakeside reading! Well, it was actually re-reading... since a year ago when we went to the same lake I read this book for the first time.

As I started on my path I tended toward a lot of reading of pagan books, mostly Wicca-oriented. I was trying to figure out what my 'place' was... what ideas I resonated with, what kind of spirituality I wanted to bring into my life. I think as a pagan that's one of the great and difficult things. You create your own personalized spirituality... whatever feels right to you, not what is written down and perpetuated by anyone else. One of the most powerful books I came across early in my readings, was a book by Arin Murphy-Hiscock called The Way of the Hedge Witch.

At the time that I found this book I was coming to terms with being a stay-at-home mom after spending most of my life in school getting advanced degrees in various biological sciences. I had to redefine who I was, and find meaning in my life at home. This book really helped me link my spirituality to my everyday motions, to create a few small spaces that reminded me of the positive things I was doing, and really honoring the creation of family. It came at the perfect moment.

I came home with a To Do list for the hearth, and I figure if I write it here I might just follow through and do them all! :) I do have a tendency to procrastinate!

Bless my kitchen
Dry flowers, apples, and orange and lemon peels (this is great because I just got a dehydrator!)
Make sprinkling powder for the carpet
Create an altar in the living room aimed at promoting peace and harmony

I'll keep you updated on how these go... and I do have a few other things to share... but I need to download pictures from my camera first!

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