Monday, July 12, 2010

Last night's experience inspired me to use this new moon to really clear out old baggage, to give up much of what I don't want, and replace it with what I do want. I did a ritual much like last night... spontaneous, in front of the window, looking out on the fog rolling in, and feeling that what I was doing was right.

I let go of energy that I felt wasn't mine... or was no longer pertinent to me. Many things ran through my mind as I did this, some were people that I don't want to have control over my mind or body (usually through their judgments), some were events that happened long ago that I don't want to carry any longer, and some were agreements or beliefs that I had in my head that are outdated and no longer serve me. I felt my hands get heavy, and several times I emptied them of this energy... sent to the quantum field to be completely neutralized.

When that felt complete I turned it around, and invited all of the things that ARE me, that are current and applicable, to come into my life. I imagined people that were like minded, I imagined my body working according to the energetic template that I was born with, and really coming into myself. I want to be who I really am... and I'm very much looking forward to hanging out with her... because I think she's going to be VERY cool! :)

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